A Differentiated Approach

We firmly believe that, if the needs of the affluent and institutional investor are the same as the wealth-seeking investor, the portfolio profiles should be similar.

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CNN - "Parts Unknown" Features Michael Lee-Chin

Anthony Bourdain visits north east Jamaica and the Trident Resort properties.


Michael Lee-Chin and Family Donate $10M in support of Joseph Brant Hospital

Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation announced Michael Lee-Chin and family’s historic $10 million dollar donation at its 14th annual Crystal Ball Gala. The donation is the largest ever made in the City of Burlington and the largest made to the Joseph Brant Hospital.

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Mutual fund guru Lee-Chin gives Burlington five rules to good investing

The mutual fund guru told a select audience of business people and other folks with money to invest Tuesday evening that following five simple rules can help them turn modest wealth into the kind others envy.

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